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Welcome to Tooth Implant Queens’ page for Floral Park; a referral network where visitors are introduced to experienced implant dentists, who are ready, willing, and able to provide them the treatment they need to replace a missing tooth, or teeth. When we connect our visitors with one of the dentists we partner with, you can rest assured you are being referred to a dentist that is an expert at teeth restoration, and has an excellent background in customer service.

New dental technology allows our implant specialists to insert artificial roots into the patient’s jaw, in such a way that builds a structure which resembles that of a real tooth. This kind of procedure creates a problem for other tooth replacement options. Options like caps, bridges, and dentures are able to produces natural-looking teeth, but implants produce a replacement that is just as good as the real thing – if not better!


Affordable Dental Implants Floral Park NY

Affordable Dental Implants Floral Park NY

Dental Implants
Implants come in one of two forms – in-the-bone implants and on-the-bone implants. The first kind is the procedure used most often, and requires it’s own unique methods, and tools, to carry out the procedure properly. The implant is actually a metal post that is buried into the patient’s jawbone. The patient is usually under anesthesia while this happens, so the dentist can work without any movement from the patient.

A general operation is carried out with the dentist introducing the implant into the bone,  just under the gum line. This technique allows the implant to settle into it’s new environment in such a way, so that it fuses with the bone, becoming a natural part of the whole mouth structure after the healing process has passed. Once integration is verified, and deemed successful, the next stage of the process is connecting the piece that connects the implant with the crown. This is known as the abutment.

Implant Restoration
Implant restoration occurs once the implant has successfully integrated with the jawbone. The patient revisits with the dentist, and has to have the gum line, where the implant was placed, opened up again. The healing cap, which was placed after the implant was placed, is then removed, allowing the dentist to place the abutment. The abutment is screwed into place, inside the implant. Abutments, remember, connect the crown to the implant. The crown is cemented into the abutment, and permanently tightened.

Porcelain Crowns
The crown that is placed atop the abutment, in many cases, is made out of porcelain. New dental technology allows lab technicians to shape porcelain to match the specs of a tooth the dentist feels would make sense as a replacement. In other words, a porcelain crown is made to look, and feel, like a natural tooth. Implants help re-create true function for the missing tooth,  unlike other cosmetic dental options, that do more to create an appearance of a real tooth, rather than the ability to do what a real tooth is capable of.

Cosmetic Dentistry
Periodontics dentistry helps to create feel, form, and function for missing, or damaged teeth. This means dentists are going to do anything they need to, in order to create the smile the patient desires. This could mean gum addition techniques, like veneers, or tooth bonding; or more advanced techniques like gum disease treatment.

While many dentists call themselves “cosmetic dentists,” the truth is that term means very little today. The problem with that term is the idea that a cosmetic dentist is capable of doing anything required to restore the look, and function, of their teeth.  This is simply not true. Procedures like maxillofacial, and other oral surgeries, are generally beyond the skill set of most “cosmetic dentists.” There are a variety of dental disciplines, and depending on a patient’s circumstances may require the assistance of several of these experts, or possible all of them, to create a smile that looks, and works, as well as the original.

Dentists like Prosthodontists, Periodontists, are oral surgeons that have the ability to recreate the teeth, and smile, you once had, while providing the oral health your body requires as well.


Dental Implants Floral Park NY

Dental Implants Floral Park NY

Dental implants can be performed on anyone, but that does not mean that everyone is prepared to take on an implant when they first walk into the dentist’s office. In order to be eligible for implants, a patient’s oral cavity must be able to support gum surgery. This means the jawbone must be free of periodontal disease, and capable of withstanding the effects of jawbone surgery. If a patient does not have this capability, than the team at Tooth implant Queens will outline the steps needed to create this effect. Just to be clear, an implant does not mean you can proceed with the rest of your life, while ignoring the daily discipline of dental hygiene. Extreme care is needed to maintain a healthy set of teeth once the procedure is complete.

To get started now, you need to set an appointment to see one of our dentists by filling out the form found here on the page, and/or contacting them directly by calling 718-395-2910. Living with a missing tooth, or several teeth, is something that no one should have to deal with – and with dental technology making new strides every day, there is no reason to.

No matter what issues you may be dealing with, just know that our dental partners have seen it all, and have been able to repair it all as well. It’s time to re-create that smile, and it starts with your free oral examination, and one-on-one consultation to ind out what steps are going to be required to get the process underway. Decide to get proactive and contact us today!

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