Root Canals

One of the most dreaded of dental procedures is the root canal. At Tooth Implant Queens, we know the reason why this treatment is performed is to save a tooth that is badly infected; or decayed. However, we take the “scary” out of the equation by educating and informing you about what takes place during the procedure; and methods to avoid any issues afterward as well.

The root canal is literally in the root of the tooth. It consists of nerves, blood vessels and pulp tissue. If the pulp tissue gets infected or decayed, a root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth. This procedure is our “bread and butter;” it is what our experienced network of dentists are trained to do well, and have been doing it well for many years now. If your toothache has grown into pain that is almost unbearable, you really want to make your first call to the Tooth Implant Queens.


Root canal therapy is basically done for one of two reasons:

Root Canal Queens

Root Canal Queens

Infection – If you have disregarded a cavity forming in your tooth, it will, in most cases, infect the pulp; and start a downward spiral only a root canal treatment can relieve. Unfortunately, doctors have not been able to develop an antibiotic strong enough to treat a pulp infection. The only solution we have in dealing with infected pulp tissue is the removal of the infected tissue.

Trauma – Another reason to go for this treatment is when the pulp tissue has been damaged due to external circumstances. Trauma, or injury, to teeth can cause damage to the pulp tissue. A famous incident where this could have occurred was during Hall of Fame NBA superstar Shaquille O’neal’s rookie season, when he landed on a player from the opposing team after one of his famous slam dunks; knocking out all of his front teeth. If that player did not address that problem immediately, infection would have probably set in. Even repeated dental procedures, like having a filling done on same teeth, or even preparing a tooth for a crown can damage the pulp. Injured pulp is more likely to catch infection, causing the need for root canal therapy.

If the pulp tissue is just inflamed, and not infected, and if you are relatively healthy, it will heal by its own. However, many people live unhealthy lifestyles, and this can accelerate the need for outside treatment to help in re-creating healthy teeth. Understand that an infected tooth, currently, has two treatment options – either to go for tooth extraction (total removal of the tooth) or root canal therapy. Many people prefer to save their teeth, so root canals are highly sought after.

How Would You Know If You Need Root Canal Treatment?
In the initial stages, as is the case with most diseases, you may not experience any symptoms at all. However, when the infection progresses, it may lead to symptoms like:

  • Pain while drinking or eating something cold or hot.
  • Pain radiating to jaw and head
  • Swelling around the tooth
  • When left untreated, an infection can even lead to an abscess.
  • If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, call the Root Implant Pros immediately.


Root canal Procedure

root canals in queens ny

root canals in queens ny

Each individual case is unique, and the process is different for everyone. The Endodontist will go through a series of steps to prepare you for the treatment, before access to the infected pulp area is achieved. Once the infected area is made available, radiographic measurements are taken to find the length of your tooth’s nerve space, so cleaning and filling the space is possible. After removing the infected pulp with great care and precision, the hollowed out tooth is cleaned using saline water; and the canal is filled, and sealed, to prevent any infection in the future.

This was a very difficult procedure to perform only twenty years ago, but advanced technology has allowed us to be able to perform several root canals a day; decreasing the amount of time needed to finish the procedure and increasing the effectiveness as well.  Please do not hesitate to call or contact us if you believe you have an infected tooth, or even infected teeth. The worst that can happen is that you are given a clean bill of health after an examination, and is that really a bad thing? If there is need for a root canal, wouldn’t it make sense to know about it as early as possible? Even more, wouldn’t it make more sense to have the Tooth Implant Queens’ dentists know about it first, so they can do what they do best!

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