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The Tooth Implant Queens specialize in several dental disciplines, including teeth whitening; which helps lighten teeth and remove stains and discoloration. Tooth Whitening, or teeth bleaching, is probably the most sought after form of cosmetic dentistry today, because of how it works.

Teeth Whitening, although thought of as a one-time event, is a multi-step process that is needed to maintain the desired color. The enamel, which is the outer layer of a tooth, gets it’s color from the amount of dentin it has, and the reflection of light off it’s surface. Your body make-up will determine just how tick the enamel of your teeth are, and how much dentin will, or will not, shine through. A thin coating forms on the enamel of your teeth every day; and this coating picks up stains. The most common stains are those picked up folks who use tobacco products, drink dark-colored liquids like coffee or cola, don’t take very good care of their teeth, and the natural by-product of aging.

Although it is possible to have stains inside of a tooth, the best teeth whitening works on surface stains. Teeth whitening is not a cure-all, even though most people want to believe that is. Any cavities that have developed will need to be addressed before any teeth can be whitened. This is because the whitening liquid used during the process, can potentially make it’s way through a decayed area and reach the inner parts of a tooth. In the event of receding gums, your roots, the exposed portion of the tooth, may appear discolored, or yellow, and the best tooth whitening product in the world won’t make them any whiter.


Teeth whitening queens ny

Teeth whitening queens ny

When it comes to receding gums, or tooth decay, trying to create whiter teeth with a whitening process may actually end up making your teeth overly sensitive. Whitening, in case you did not know, does not work on ceramic crowns, porcelain crowns; or porcelain veneers. So if you stain those works of art – you are looking at having them redone all over again.

During your first visit to the Pros to whiten teeth that are stained, we will photograph your teeth to help in monitoring the progress of the treatment. We will also examine your teeth and ask you questions to find out what has caused the staining in the first place. Next we put you through a teeth cleaning process to remove bacteria, food, and other substances that have built up on your teeth and have contributed to the staining. Once all this is done, the whitening procedure begins.

There are generally two kinds of whitening procedures. The first is known as “Non-vital Whitening,” and is used for teeth that have undergone root-canal treatment, and the tooth is no longer “alive.” In cases like this, the stain usually comes from the inside out, requiring a whitening agent inside the tooth; with a temporary filling over it. After several days have passed before the filling is removed. Depending on how bad the stain is, you may need this process repeated several times to achieve the shade you truly desire.

The second kind is “Vital Whitening,” which is the more commonly used solution because it focuses on stains found on the surface of the tooth. Teeth whitening can be performed at home, but why would you want to do that? That’s the same as cutting your own hair, you can do it – but why when a barber or stylist can do a much better job. With this process one of our Pros will apply a liquid to cover and protect the gums around the teeth. Next comes the whitening solution will be placed on the teeth. Some whitening solutions are activated by special lighting or the heat from these lights. Once the whitening agent is applied, these lights are shone on your teeth. If your teeth are badly discolored, we may need to add several visits to the process to create the shade you really want.


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Like it was mentioned earlier in this article, whitening is not a cure-all solution to stained teeth. If you continue to follow-through with the same bad habits, the stains can, and probably will come back. Eating, drinking, or smoking substances that cause staining will fade the whitening process in as little as one month. If you can get a handle on yourself, and stay away from these damaging substances, you may be able to avoid another visit for up to one year.

Whitening is, for all intents and purposes, risk-free, although in some instances, over-sensitivity can become an issue. As is the case with most issues when a woman is pregnant, it is suggested that this procedure be done after birth is given. To find out which tooth whitening solution is right for you, call the number listed directly up above, or fill in the form to the right, and of the Tooth Implant Queens will contact you right away. Financing is readily available, and our consultations are hassle-free. If yo are thin king about whitening your teeth – stop thinking, and start calling!

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